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A place where grill masters come together around the flame, to share exclusive interviews, videos and recipes to make you feel like a GRILLVIP!

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GrillVIP Recipes

From Grilled Breakfast to Lemonade and More!

My friend Gabby sent me the recipe for grilled lemonade last summer. I took the recipe, cut the sugar in half, and mofified the ingredients and process. The final product was AMAZING. Then, I decided to try making a FULL grilled breakfast, including Grilled Orange Juice! Yum...

GrillVIP Interview

Chef Tony from

Lindsay "Mama" O'Neill visits Baton Rouge, LA to interview Chef Tony from BBQGuys about creating the GREATEST grill - Blaze Grills. 

From Alligator to Zebra, Chef Tony has grilled it all... on every grill on the market! Watch this video to learn more about the amazing Blaze Grills, and gain insight into Chef Tony's favorite recipes - including a delicious grilled dessert! 

Hi There

I'm Lindsay "Mama" O'Neill! While I'm known for my "healthy" recipes, I also LOVE to grill! I've traveled all over the country to find the most amazing recipes from revered Grill Masters... true Grill VIPS! Let's get cookin'

GrillVIP Events

Girls Who Grill Events - Westchester, NY & The Hamptons

Lindsay "Mama" O'Neill teaches local ladies how to grill on the Arteflame and Blaze Grills (gas). The ladies learn how to prep and season food, cook meat to the right temperature, timing of cooking for food handling safety, and create a delicious meal, hot off the grill!

EVENTS Coming Soon!


from grilled breakfast to dessert...

and everything in between!

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