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I'm Lindsay "Mama" O'Neill! While I'm known for my "healthy" recipes, I also LOVE to grill! I've traveled all over the country to find the most amazing recipes from revered Grill Masters... true Grill VIPS! Let's get cookin'

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The Delicious SMOKESHOW Lemonade


My friend Gabby sent me the recipe for grilled lemonade last summer. I took the recipe, cut the sugar in half, and modified the ingredients and process. The final product was AMAZING. Everyone who tried it instantly fell in love. My husband encouraged me to bottle it... and to add a little booze in the mix.



We tried vodka, rum and bourbon. Add some extra garnish, like a sprig of mint for a delicious cocktail! 


Here's what you'll need:

* Lemons! 

* Organic cane sugar

* A cast iron skillet, or Arteflame grill


Let's get grillin':

* Cut lemons in half, coat the cut side with sugar, place on hot skillet/grill

* Remove when sugar is caramelized

* Let cool, then squeeze into caraffe

* Fill with ice and equal parts water

* Add vodka/bourbon and mint to taste





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